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Skema S.p.A., with registered office in Milano, Via Galileo Galilei 5, as the Data Manager in compliance with EU Regulation 679/2016 applicable as of 25 May 2018 – General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and by the national applicable regulations (the GDPR and the national applicable regulations are hereinafter indicated as the “Applicable Regulations”), acknowledge the importance of personal data protection and considers data protection one of the main objectives of its activity.

Before communicating any personal detail, Skema S.p.A. invites you, as a user of its website, to read this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) carefully, because it contains important information about the protection of personal data and about the measures in place to assure their confidentiality in compliance with the Applicable Regulations.
This information is provided to the users of Skema S.p.A.’s website and web services which are electronically accessible  through the homepage.
The same applies to Skema S.p.A.’s thematic website.
This information applies only to the above mentioned websites, while it does not apply to external websites that should be linked to on Skema S.p.A.’s website.
This information describes the methods used to manage Skema S.p.A.’s website and its thematic website in relation to the data-processing operations carried out by Skema S.p.A. on the information supplied by the users who browse, access and/or use the available online services.

1.  Data Manager

The browsing of Skema’s websites might require the processing of identified or identifiable data subjects; the registration to website and the request for online services also generate data processing operations as indicated in the “Types of personal data” section. The Data Controller is Skema S.p.A., Via Matera 14, 20811 Cesano Maderno (MB), Italy. The Data Manager is the Marketing Manager.

2.  Persons in charge of the processing

The data collected is mainly processed at Skema’s premises by persons who have been expressly identified and designated according to the specific data processing requirements.
Skema might ask for the support of external companies, consultants, software suppliers, for the above mentioned processing operations within the scope of the intended use of data, who will be formally designated as data processors or persons in charge of processing in order to assure the maximum security and confidentiality of personal data.

3. Types of data

3.1 Access to the portal: browsing data
During normal operation, Skema’s information system and websites operating procedures acquire data which transmittal is implicitly required by  the internet communication protocols.
These data are used to obtain anonymous statistical information about the websites use and to check the correct websites operation, and they do not refer to identified users. However, due to their nature and by association with data owned by third parties, these data could allow to identify the data subjects. An example is the IP address of the system used to connect to the websites.
These data are removed from the systems after statistical processing, and they can be maintained offline only for ascertaining responsibilities for cybercrimes and they can be checked only upon judicial authority’s request.

3.2 Data provided voluntarily by using online services
To use the online services that require access credentials, registration or submittal of an e-mail, the personal data freely provided  by the data subjects will be used as follows:
3.2.1 Registration to the website and online services
Persons or entities can register to to ask for particular online services (on the Contact Us, Products and Services, and Careers pages). When registering to the website, some personal data are requested to identify the registered data subject and to receive an access code to the restricted area. Some additional data can be requested in the Career page, based on the selected service. The purposes of the data processing vary according to the required service, and they are described in detail in the specific policies available in the respective areas of the website.
The legal base for processing the personal data provided by the user for the above mentioned purposes is the provision of a service or the follow-up to an explicit request from the user, which do not require the consent according to the Applicable Regulations.
The processing of personal data collected further to the spontaneous submittal of a job application does not require the user’s consent according to the Applicable Regulations.
3.2.2 Sending e-mails to addresses given on the websites
The optional, explicit and voluntary submittal of e-mails to addresses indicated on a website, implies the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, which will be required to answer his/her requests, and any further personal data included in the message. Skema S.p.A. assures that the personal data (name, surname, e-mail address) supplied by the users who send a request for information, are utilized only to allow the completion of the service. If the above mentioned data should not be provided, it would be impossible to obtain the requested service.
Personal data provided by users can be utilized, upon their explicit consent, for the provision of information and for marketing activities. The collected data will not be shared or communicated to any other subjects for any other purpose than those related and required to provide the requested service.

4. Faculty to provide data

Some of the data requested to register to the website are compulsory. Not providing them means that it will be impossible to register to
Failing to communicate some of the data requested to access online services can also prevent to obtain the selected service (download of the Skemaq Dimensioning software).
The registration data and the data provided to obtain online services are voluntarily provided by users, even though they are needed to obtain the service: if they should not be provided, registration and subscription to services would not be possible.
The provision of data for information and marketing purposes is optional. Users can freely express their consent for this purpose: not receiving their consent, Skema will not be in a position to inform them about its commercial and promotional initiatives.

5. Methods for processing data

Personal data are processed using IT equipment for the time required to achieve the purpose for which they were provided.
Specific security measures are taken to prevent the loss, illegal or improper use of personal data, or any unauthorized access to them.

6. Use of Cookies

Cookies are text files that are stored on the computers of web users to enable their secure and efficient browsing of the website, and to monitor its use.
Skema’s website uses two types of technical cookies: session cookies for the validation (online services and restricted areas), and persistent cookies (Google Analytics); Skema’s website does not use the cookies technology.

6.1 Session cookies (necessary for the use of online services and to access the website’s restriced areas)
Skema’s website uses session cookies for the validation of online services and restricted areas. The use of session cookies (which are stored only temporarily in the browser's memory, and are destroyed when it is closed down) is strictly limited to the transmittal of session credentials (random numbers generated by the server) required for a secure and efficient browsing.
By blocking these cookies, you will not be allowed to use the online services.

6.2 Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies can be blocked without consequences on website browsing: please check the next paragraph to see how to manage these cookies.
The website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. to check which pages are visited more often, how long users remain on those pages, and their geographical area. The information obtained through Google Analytics’ cookies is treated by Skema for statistical purpose only, and it is rigorously anonymous. In particular, the users’ IP address is anonymized by adding the following code: ‘ga(‘set’, ‘anonymizeIp’, true), which is provided by Google. Besides, in consideration of the data processing policy published by Google on, we have disabled all data sharing options in order to prevent any further use. By browsing this site, the user allows Google to process his/her data according to the methods and purpose mentioned above. The data transmitted to Google are stored on the Google servers in the United States of America. Please check for any further information on the use of data and their processing by Google. The user can selectively disable the various Google Analytics’ actions by installing the specific component supplied by Google (opt out).

6.2.1 Disabling cookies (opt-out)
You will deny your consent to the use of cookies by selecting the proper options on your browser. Please find here below the link to the cookies setting on the most popular browsers (should you use any other browsers than those listed below, please look for this option in the software help session by pressing F1):
Internet Explorer:
MozillaFirefox: i cookie?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Blocking+cookies/
Apple Safari:
Alternatively, you can decide to disable only the Google Analytics’ cookies by using the opt-out component provided by Google for the main browsers.

7. Data Retention

Skema S.p.a. will process your personal data for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned under paragraph 3. In any case, Skema S.p.a. will process personal data to the extent allowed by the Italian law (art. 2947(1)(3) of the Civil Code). Further information about personal data retention time and about the criteria used to define that retention time, can be obtained by asking the Privacy Manager in writing.

8. Rights of the interested party

To the extent provided by the Applicable Regulations, users have the right to ask Skema S.p.a., at any time, to access their own personal data, to modify or cancel them or to deny their processing, to reduce data processing, or to obtain their own personal details in a structured format, commonly used and legible through an automatic device.
The above mentioned rights can be exercised by sending a request to the data owner’s physical address or by by e-mail to
According to the Applicable Regulations, users have the right  to file a claim with the competent authority (Personal Data Protection Authority) if they should believe that their own data have been processed against the regulations in force.

9. Privacy Policy Variation

This Privacy Policy is effective from the 25th of May 2018. Skema S.p.a. reserves to modify or update its content, fully or in part, also further to changes to the Applicable Regulations. Skema S.p.a. will inform the users of such variations as soon as they are implemented; the same modifications will be bounding as soon as published on this website. Therefore, Skema S.p.a. invites everyone to visit this section regularly in order to get to know the most recent and updated version of the Privacy Policy so that the user can be always updated on the data collected through the website and how they are used by Skema S.p.a.